Wishlist: A better way to track discussions on drupal.org

And so begins my series of wishful posts...

I'm participating in more and more discussions on the drupal.org forums to a) get assistance on questions I have and b) give assistance to other users.  I regularly check my tracked posts (/user/[uid]/track) to see if there are any updates.  This has worked out great to provide continual assistance or follow-up on my own questions.

The problem I'm starting to run into is that if there have not been any updates to the threads where I'm looking for assistance then I tend to lose track of those posts, especially as the number of tracker pages increase.  Granted I can check for posts with zero responses, however there are definitely open questions on threads that have responses.  There isn't an option to search only my tracked posts so I'm left paging through my tracker to open up thread after thread to check the status.

There are also some important discussions where my questions were answered but I would like to refer back to them, but again I'm left paging through looking for which post that was.  

In a similar fashion there are discussions taking place in threads that I have not participated in.  If I want to keep tabs on that thread then I need to post something useless just to keep tabs.  

The groups.drupal.org site has implemented the capability to subscribe to topics and groups to receive email notification.  I imagine on the drupal.org site this may be a burden.  I can only imagine how many people would be subscribing all over the place generating mass amounts of email.  I could see drupal.org ending up on many spam lists.  :)  

I think a good alternative may be to implement the flag module and allow users to bookmark threads.  Just by installing the flag module a bookmark flag is automatically created along with the view to display those bookmarks.  The view may need to be tweaked to provide the "new" / "updated" notification on threads and the permission to use the flag / bookmark would have to be granted to authenticated users, however this sounds like it would be a feature that would greatly reduce the annoying "subscribe" posts and give users some additional usability and tracking capabilities.  

So where do I start the petition to get this added?